English Work Abroad

Four teachers from two continents

We are two Americans and two South Africans that met on the other side of the world in China. All of us are unique and creative in our own way and eventually what transpired was this concept.
Since 2018

our service

Finally after nearly a year of building contacts and ironing out all the wrinkles from our plan we are ready to present English Work Abroad to the world. We plan on offering ways to find the perfect job abroad to ensure you can get nearly anywhere you want to go. Collectively we have already lived in 15 countries and visited an additional 80. Everyone who wants to be a global citizen should take the leap and explore the world.
Since 2018

our history

What we really are is a strange mix of personalities. One web designer. One language enthusiast. One introverted art lover. One collector of knick knacks. Somehow we ended up in Tianjin at the same time and actually found ourselves in the same Mandarin Chinese classes. 
Since 2018

our approach

We ran through dozens of crazy ideas when we realized that we wanted to help more people explore the world. We considered launching our own school in china, we considered opening a travel agency, we even considered opening a recruiting agency to promote specific schools to teachers that wished to see China. Later we realized we could accomplish much more than that.