English Work Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions



Do more students or teachers visit the site?
In the beginning the primary goal of this is going to be schools showing their job openings for teachers and people wanting to see the world. Eventually we will have a comprehensive database of English schools globally and we would love to share that list with students to help people get the most out of experiencing the language and the world.
Who finances the site? 
Currently the four of us are financing the site and everything that it takes to build and expand it. We are considering vetting and taking on a few shining sponsors in each field that would like to go above and beyond in helping everyone experience the world in a rewarding way.  
What is unique about the site?
The site is unique in that it allows you to find what you are actually seeking. Never having to dig through hundreds of jobs that you are not qualified for. All you have to do is browse and read what each school is seeking before reading specific ads. This ensures you only have to read through places that want to hire you.
What's most rewarding about the site?
Being teachers ourselves we find that this site is extremely helpful in giving us the correct information as well as advice that will make the process of relocating to a different country easier and smoother. When we first started our job search we couldn’t find the information we needed and we spent hours searching the internet. This site will provide everything that is vital for the process of relocating and starting your new life abroad.  
What new features will you be adding? 
The first area of the site is the job board and after we are planning to expand the site in four different sectors. The first expansion will be Visa advice, where we will provide you with information on what is necessary to apply for a visa for the country of your choice. We will update this FAQ page as soon as the next part of the expansion is in progress.  
What made you want to work abroad? 
We are all people who love travelling and experiencing different cultures, different people and different cities. It has always been our dream to travel the world and experience new things, however as with all things money is a necessity. This was our way of doing both. To travel the world while working is the solution. Life becomes an open ended adventure where you can explore everything while having a job that provides you with money and stability.  
Why did you choose teaching?  
When we started our job search teaching was not the career we were looking for. After searching for hours and hours and getting no closer to the outcome we wanted, we decided to broaden our search. Teaching English as a Second Language was something that was being advertised globally. It was the only thing that required nothing more than being a Native Speaker. We started our journey as TEFL certified teachers and discovered a whole new experience.  
Where is the best place to go for life and adventure? 
This questions has 1001 answers that simply lead to more questions. Who are you and what are you looking for. Are you looking for: 
Fast or Slow pace? 
City or Small town? 
Historical or Modern? 
Hot or Cold Climate? 
When you can answer these things it helps you drastically narrow down your prospects. We will soon be providing an advice page to help you make this choice easily and effectively to find the perfect spot on the globe for you. 
How do I post an ad?
Posting an ad has never been simpler. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the Schools or Recruiters pages and there is a post an ad now button. We also have an all inclusive page for teachers and businesses alike to post ads here.
What kind of ad should I post?
If you are an individual school that only advertises under one company name then you post as a school no matter how many branches you have. If you recruit teachers for multiple different companies then please post as a recruiter. Keeping these two separate ensures that everyone is easier to find and each teacher can find exactly what they are looking for.
How do I post a resume?
Posting a resume is so simple with our platform. Simply go to the Post Resume Page and follow the link and instructions. We will ask you basic questions like we ask the school to find out more about you to ensure the perfect school or recruiter finds you.
Why isn't my ad visible on the site?
If you just posted an ad be patient we have a lot of coding to do but we assure you that your ad will go live at midnight (GMT) with all of the days ads. If your payment does not go through we will contact you and once payment is complete the ad will be published.
What time do new ads post?
New ads post daily at midnight (GMT). To check when this is please click here. Any ad that was submitted with payment on the previous day before 9 PM (GMT) will be visible at this time.
How can I edit an ad that is live on the site?
In case of an error in an ad you can edit the ad by emailing us with your order number and the date and title of the ad. We verify the order numbers to ensure no one edits an ad that does not belong to them. We allow you to edit content or contact information of an ad but not to change the ad to a completely different position. For that please post a new ad.
Can I republish an old ad?
Yes you can republish an old ad. All you have to do is email us with the date and title of the original ad along with your existing customer number and we will republish the ad and deduct the credit from your account. If you did not purchase any additional ads we will send you a link to make a payment to run the ad again. If your ad is over 3 months old sadly the ad is no longer kept in the system and can not be rerun.
Can I leave a review of a school I work for?
When you post a resume through our website you will be given a customer number and after you are hired by a school please let us know which one. After 3 months you will be sent an automated email to allow you to leave a review of the school and to see how things are going in your new country.
My problem isn’t listed here. How do I get in touch?
If you still have a question at the bottom of every page is a contact us button and you can also feel free to reach out to us on social media.