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We are four friends that all met in China while we were teaching, two American boys and two South African girls. We all love to travel and experience the world more than anything else and we realize that many other people feel exactly the same way.  

We tinkered with the idea of starting a school in Tianjin for ourselves but we decided that to help as many people live the dream as possible that we would launch a website to make teaching and studying abroad more accessible and less daunting.  

We are starting this website with a list of 6500 schools spanning 145 countries that will all post job openings as they become available. We are busy planning the expansion of the site in 4 waves to ensure that we help people as much as possible. Finding Schools, Getting Trained, Getting Visas, and eventually even providing excursions to help get the most out of your life around the globe. 

We are currently living in Argentina for most of 2019 to talk with schools and teachers here and then we plan to move on to Europe in an ever expanding mission to help other people see the world.